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Alex E Clark

I write/draw comics about ladies, cats and body horror. I think the best compliments are the ones when someone reads a few pages, drops the comic and walks away wiping their hands on their jacket. Or when someone emails to describe a dream about their tongue turning to vines and suffocating. Like, I keep it pretty cute, but I love Junji Ito and Becky Cloonan and I hope some of that comes through. I love the good fairytales where grisly misfortune is met with grisly retaliation. I coordinate an annual comic/zine launch called Hallozeen and it's exchiting to see what people make each year.

Amazing Tales

Over the years Dave Dye has collaborated with many writers and his work has featured in Australian and international comic magazines including Decay, Retro Sci-Fi, Ledger's Annual, OIOIOI and Reverie within Australia; and Meanwhile, Biodegradeable and Future Quake in the UK. In 2018, Dave was invited to exhibit his comics and art at the International Comics and Games Festival in Lodz, Poland. More recently, in 2019 he illustrated historian Hugh Dolan's graphic history titled Eureka – One Bloody Sunday and also published two more issues of Amazing Tales.

confirmed for 2019!

Angela Chen

My name is Angela, also know as Duckhymn on Tumblr and all other places. I am a Melbourne based freelance illustrator and comic artist. Drawing has been my biggest passion since young and will always be scribbling away at every opportunity. My current work includes Sophia and Frederick, first published in June 2015 and Animal Court, first published in June 2017.


Angie Spice

I love story telling and have been creating stories in my head for as long as I can remember. This compels me to draw, where I can bring my characters to life and explore the settings. Originally Courier was a bet. I would create a comic book and self publish it from concept to print within a month's deadline. I learned all the process as I went. It's the most exciting plunge I've ever taken. After all, I was tired of waiting to be handed an opportunity and I decided it was time to make way for myself. Especially, because I wanted my stories to be heard. I want to tell the stories I searched for growing up, and I realised It's up to me to deliver. In 2016 I won the Australian 24-hour comic book challenge with Galah Girl and have also produced an autobiographical zine Angie in Have You seen La La Land The response for the Courier series has been overwhelmingly fantastic, infectious and truly fulfilling.

confirmed for 2019!

Aon & Marion

Aon is a moody writer. Marion is an egomaniacal visual artist. Together they have teamed up to write a comic, because all their other ventures have failed. But at least they've got each other! This is a darkly humorous comic about anger, revenge, friendship, and chasing dreams in Footscray, Australia.

Ariel Slamet Ries

Ariel Slamet Ries is an eggplant and/or human from Melbourne, Australia. They studied animation for 4 years before throwing away the prestige and money to pursue comics and illustration. In their free time you might find them sewing badly, making music badly, or looking at pictures of dogs in snoods. Their first two major print releases, Witchy (Lion Forge) and Cry Wolf Girl (ShortBox), are out September 2019.

confirmed for 2019!

Beyond Reality Media

William Geradts is a New Zealand based (Australia born) creator, with 12 published graphic novels, including the just finished Darwin Faeries saga of 700 full color pages.

confirmed for 2019!

Chris Gooch

Chris Gooch (b. 1993) is a cartoonist based out of Melbourne, Australia. His first graphic novel, Bottled, was published in 2017, followed by Deep Breaths, a short story collection, in 2019. He recently won the Lord Mayors Creative Writing Prize for graphic short story and a Ledger for Bottled.


confirmed for 2019!

Chris Marks

Chris Marks draws and sleeps way too much which kinda leaves no room for socialising but they manage to compensate by writing about how their day was in a comic then selling it to people. This probably isn't very healthy.

confirmed for 2019!

Chris McQuinlan

Chris is a comic book artist from the south east suburbs of Melbourne. He has worked on multiple books including How to Make A Friend, Nevermorrow, Killeroo, Bad Robot, Thee 100's Comic Anthology and more. He is currently illustrating the ongoing comic series Monkey Junk written by Leigh Piper, which will see it's con debut at Indie Comic Con! Chris currently works full time as a Graphic Designer, whilst being a dedicated father and husband, and squeezing in time for his own comic work in-between, hoping to one day make comics/illustration his full time job.

Claire Murray

I am the classic "since I could first hold a pencil, I have been drawing" kid. Though drawing had always been a hobby of mine, I only began 'properly' drawing comics after I finished my degree in Animation and Interactive Media. I work predominantly digitally, but occasionally dip my toes into the traditional, ever trying to see if I'm missing out on something. I was one of the recipients of a Squishface Micro-Grant, which helped to fund the publishing of my first mini-comic and a table at the Homecooked Festival in 2015. Since then I have started a little comic series called 'Living With It', which follows the day to day life of a young woman managing her diabetes and her duties as a superhero. With each issue, so far, I have also tried a different technique in creating the comic.

confirmed for 2019!


I’m Shaun Keenan the owner of COMICS2MOVIES, an Australian graphic novel publisher. I’m the creator of the #1 selling independent comic book series the Xtreme Champion Tournament and co-creator of Terralympus, a sci-fi conspiracy graphic novel. In 2019 I was lucky enough to do a SDCC Exclusive of our XCT Issue #0 and in 2020 we look forward to opening our publishing doors to other creators.

confirmed for 2019!

Crispy Cola Studio

Crispy Cola Studio is the creative home of Nathan Onias, cartoonist, illustrator and art educator. Nathan is the creator of Commander Canine, a superhero comedy, and co-creator of Jump Punch, an action adventure comic. Nathan has done work for Marvel, The City of Melbourne, and Upper Deck. He is the founder of Indie Comic Con and represents Copic Marker Australia as an artist ambassador.

confirmed for 2019!

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